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St. Gerald Lenten Mission - March 17-20, 2019

Did you miss part or all of our parish mission? It is not too late! Watch the playlist of talks in which Deacon Ralph Poyo shared engaging content meant to help transform our lives and our parish. He is the founder of New Evangelization Ministries. Deacon Ralph travels the country preaching parish missions, training leaders, and is passionate about bringing people and churches into closer relationship with the Lord!

Communications Moving to Flocknote

Click on image to pop up a full sized version of this image. We have a lot of amazing things going on here at St. Gerald. And we have many ministries and events to help you Encounter Jesus, Make Disciples and Transform Lives. We want to make sure it's as easy as possible for every parishioner to be involved and connected to it all.

St. Gerald is moving to a new and improved way of communicating that will make it much simpler for you to get the information you want from us! It’s powered by a service called Flocknote. This is all totally free for you to use. Take a couple minutes to sign up and Flocknote lets you receive email and/or text messages from only the groups and ministries that you choose.

NOTE: If you are signed up to receive our eNewsletters, your email will be transferred to Flocknote. Phone numbers will not transfer, so you will need to set up text message preferences. If you have questions, contact Kelly O'Donnell at the Parish Office.

ArchOmaha UNITE - Registration OPEN

Click on image to pop up a full sized version of this image. Thousands of people have already registered for the ArchOmaha Unite event, but there’s still room in the CHI Health Arena for you! Space is limited and registration is free, so we recommend you register early. For more information about the event or to register, go to Unite - dot - ArchOmaha - dot - org. Did You Know… That the Parish who registers the highest percentage of their Mass attendees for Unite gets reserved VIP seating in the arena? That means there will be no need to get there early to get good seats because you’ll have the best seats in the house! And, there will be no need to save seats between sessions. Register now and help the entire parish snag great seats!

UNITE Q&A: “How much do tickets cost?”
The Archdiocese of Omaha values your presence so much that admission to Unite is free. That's right - FREE! Youth and Adult attendees must preregister online individually prior to the event; admission is subject to space and availability. Out-of-town attendees may take advantage of a group hotel room rate at the Hilton Omaha, across the street from the CHI Health Center.

Register TODAY

Fasting for Freedom: A Parish-Wide Lenten Fast

Click on image to pop up a full sized version of this image. The word “Lent” means “springtime”. Lent is all about getting our hearts and minds ready (a “spiritual spring cleaning”) so that we might experience the fullness of our baptism, which is the joy and freedom of a new “spiritual” springtime won for us by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

As disciples of Christ, our Lord and His Church have given us the very tools that will dispose us to receive such a joy and freedom, and that is through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving (stewardship).

Scripture tells us that this freedom is an “interior” freedom. Knowing God’s love for us personally, liberates us from the very shackles of sin and its deadly effects, such as anxiety and fear. It is a freedom, given to us through the gift of the Holy Spirit, that then enables us to experience a true and lasting joy and peace, even in the midst of our greatest sufferings (Phil. 4:4).

If you and your family would like to know this freedom more fully, then please join us by simply signing up for one day of fasting during this Lenten season. The type of fast will be entirely up to you. Maybe it’s a strict fast of just bread and water or water alone. Or maybe, along with water, it is having only one meal for a day, known as an intermittent fast. All this of course must be combined with a time (30 minutes to an hour) alone with our Lord in prayer, possibly before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. All this is left entirely up to your own discernment. Thank you for giving this your prayerful consideration. And may the good Lord, through our prayer and Lenten sacrifices united with His most holy Sacrifice on our altars at Mass, grant our entire parish the transformation and freedom He so deeply desires to give to each of us.

Sign Up NOW

Alpha Food Donations

Click on image to pop up a full sized version of this image. One of the integral parts of each Alpha session is a shared meal of all the guests and Alpha team members. Food donations by our Alpha alumni and parishioners help to defray the costs of each meal for the 12 weeks.

Weekly emails sent through Sign-up Genius allow you to see what food items are needed for that week. Food donations can be brought to the Fellowship Hall when you come to church that weekend, or dropped off on Sunday afternoon by 4:15 PM.

If you are interested in donating food or have any questions, please contact Jean Thompson at or 402-331-7524.

Please prayerfully consider answering the call of discipleship for the upcoming Alpha session.

Article Suggestions from Father Mark

Perpetual Adoration

Click on image to pop up a full sized version of this image. Please consider committing to 1 hour of Adoration / week. You can go to the link above & click weekly commitment if you'd like to commit to an hour of prayer weekly. This web application allows scheduled adorers to find a subs very easily. If you cannot be an adorer at the time, then please sign up to be a sub using the link above.



Father Mark's Homily About Our New Vision and Mission

New Vision and Mission for St. Gerald Parish

Encountering Jesus · Making Disciples · Transforming Lives

Led by the Holy Spirit, we are a Catholic community of faith whose primary purpose is to know Jesus, to love Him, and to serve Him in serving others. Sent to make disciples, we invite and welcome everyone to come and share our Master's joy.

We are witnessing an exciting moment in the history of our parish! On Monday, May 14, over one hundred parish staff and ministry leaders gathered the Fellowship Hall for the unveiling of our new vision and mission. During this time, Fr. Mark introduced the leadership team who helped him craft the new vision and mission statements.

The evening included prayer, praise and worship and small group discussions. Some attendees gave a short testimony on the spiritual renewal they have witnessed within our parish in recent times. Many found comfort in learning that our new vision and mission align with the Archbishop’s vision and mission for the Archdiocese of Omaha.

The parish staff and ministry leaders are excited and anxious to get started on this great undertaking Fr. Mark has developed alongside his leadership team. Stay tuned as we continue to communicate our progress towards implementing this new vision and mission into the framework of our parish and all its ministries.

If you missed the leadership summit, please view the video taken that evening:

Encountering Jesus: 2018 Lenten Retreat

Father Mark first introduced the parish to many of the themes of our new parish vision in five sessions of a Lenten retreat. If you missed the opportunity to join Fr. Mark and learn more about prayer and the interior life, you can click the links below to view the video recordings and have a deeper encounter with Jesus.

Fair Trade Sales

The St. Gerald Fair Trade committee will hold coffee and tea sales in the narthex after Mass on the third Sunday each month. Working with Catholic Relief Services,the money raised by these sales goes to support farmers and artisans in developing countries and provides them a fair living wage.

By supporting our brothers and sisters through your purchases, you are performing a Corporal Work of Mercy!

Prayer for Family Formation

Prayer for Family Formation in Every Part of Our Parish
Dear Lord, you have always been faithful to us and have always guided our parish to know, love and serve you. You call us to be Disciples who actively share their faith with others. Strengthen the gifts of the Holy Spirit in each of us as we seek to help our families become the primary place of religious formation. We give you thanks for the fruit that has come from Family Formation. Bless all our efforts this coming year especially as we move the Family Formation model into our school and as we begin YDisciple among our youth. Encourage us as we move in this new direction and keep our hearts tuned to your will. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Why Saint Gerald Catholic School?

Come find out what our parents already know! For more information on the value of a Catholic School education, go to

Call the school office for more info: 402-331-4223 or contact school principal, Christy Keenan, to set up a tour -

Please watch the video below to learn more about our wonderful school.

Encountering Jesus · Making Disciples · Transforming Lives

Led by the Holy Spirit, we are a Catholic community of faith whose primary purpose is to know Jesus, to love Him, and to serve Him in serving others. Sent to make disciples, we invite and welcome everyone to come and share our Master's joy.

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Help Our Parish Educate

By purchasing gift certificates to various local vendors at no additional cost to you, you support our educational programs including 5 Day School, Family Formation, Youth Ministry, Adult Education, and the Parish Library. Click here to reserve your HOPE certificates online now.

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