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Welcome to Saint Gerald Catholic Church

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From the Pastor's Desk
An Important Message: The parish leadership has begun an organized renewal of how it does business. For the past six months or so we have taken a serious look at how our budget is set and how we can deal with the rising costs of running our operations and the unpredictable nature of our various incomes. In a recent bulletin I shared with the parish our financial picture pointing out the deficit situation. At a planning retreat last summer the members of the Finance Committee, Pastoral Council and School Advisory Board came together to brainstorm the solutions. What came from this meeting is more of a strategic plan that will affect much of what we do. Here is a summary, in my own words, of what we plan to do. We will improve the communication between the various standing committees of the parish and spread ownership for our problems onto the shoulders of all the leaders. Communication of our committee work will be better shared with the parish via our website. We will forge a closer working relationship between our School Adv. Bd and our Finance Committee by creating a budget committee that is at work now in creating a sound budget for the next fiscal year. We will ask all our committees, ministries and organizations to see themselves as connected and dependent on one another stressing our parish goals as unifying and directive. We will seek to find ways to encourage a positive morale by creating an atmosphere of gratitude for all that is shared with the parish: especially time and talent. We will encourage financial stewardship with prompt reporting to parishioners on their giving. This will mean developing a calendar of mailings throughout the year helping all givers to see clearly what they have been doing for Sunday and Campaign giving. We will develop and implement new initiatives to recruit and sustain our Grade School population. There is more but this is enough for now... On October 29 all the parish leadership will come together along with all the members of the four standing committees (Pastoral Council, Finance Committee, Stewardship Committee and School Advisory Board) to share further details about the plan. In the end, I feel very hopeful and positive that we will be able to wrap ourselves around our challenges and overcome them together. I'm not just blowing smoke, I believe we can do this. But like all plans it will take the buy-in and personal investment of our parishioners to help us right this ship.

A Moral OBLIGATION for Catholics: It is not a suggestion or invitation but it is a moral obligation for all Catholics to have a well-formed conscience. The Church can help us work our way through the various issues of our day because it teaches clearly what is most important and what is not so important. It applies sound moral teaching that guides us in our decision making. Last week we hosted a meeting in our hall, advertising it all over the place, to do just that. I learned a lot; it helped me clarify a few things. Omar Gutierrez, a member of the Archbishop's staff, is a fine speaker. I really wish more could have heard him.

Another Opportunity: We will host a presentation on the Immigration Issue on October 22 at 7:00 pm in the Fr. Larry Dorsey Fellowship Hall at 96th and Q. This issue is in the news and it is connected to our core moral values: the protection of human life and dignity. I encourage you to come. It will be well worth your time.

Family Formation: The core team, made up of parents, adult helpers and catechists will meet this coming Saturday, Oct. 25 at 10:45 am. They know where they are supposed to meet but I am putting this in the bulletin to just inform everyone that the year is off and running and I think it is off to a good start. The next Faith Formation Night involving children and parents will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 5 beginning at 6:00 pm. We have almost 100 families coming and learning about their Catholic Faith. As pastor, I take seriously my obligation to teach the faith, and these FF nights are a highlight for me. There is a growing enthusiasm on the part of our parents as they get better attuned to their role and practice as the first teachers of the faith.

Special Prayers for the Dead: November is the month when we especially want to remember our beloved dead. We have planned a special mass on Thursday, November 6, at 7:00 pm where we will proclaim the names of those who have died this past year and honor them with ritual. The families and friends of these deceased are invited to attend this mass. Their Bereavement Committee Companions will be reaching out to them with personal invitations.
Bake for Books Book Fair
The annual St. Gerald Bake 4 Books bake sale will be the weekend of October 25-26. Items can be brought to the fellowship hall on Saturday October 25 after 9:00am. We hope you will stop by after mass that weekend to purchase some of these home baked items. If you have questions, or would like to help in any way, please contact Mary Sheridan at 402-677-1452.
Angel Tree
St. Gerald will help those in need that live in our parish boundaries at Christmas time. If you know of someone who has children and may need help this Christmas with gifts for their children, please have them contact the business office at 402-331-1955. We will accept names until November 17. No names accepted after the deadline.
Friends on Q Celebrate 10 Years
Wednesday Nov. 19 at 6 PM we will have a Soup Supper in the Fellowship Hall at 96th and Q. The cost is $8 for members and $10 for non-members. Help us celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Money has to be in by Nov. 10. No exceptions. Any questions call Bobbie Petri 402-331-0882. This is also the time of the year to renew memberships. Renewal forms will be available at the Nov. Soup Supper.
Fr. Korte in Italy
Fr. Korte shares his pictures and stories from his trip to Italy. Return often for updates and additional videos being added.

Forging a Future of Faith Campaign

Prayer for the success of our campaign
Dear Jesus,
We humbly stand before you *
grateful for our call to be your disciples. *
We form St. Gerald Parish with its vital connection to the
Archdiocese of Omaha *
and together we form a community of faith *
helping each other respond to your call to be holy and generous disciples.
Thank you for St. Gerald Parish and the whole Archdiocese *
for they are gifts to us from the many faithful who sacrificed to build and
nourish what we have today *
and to whom we are forever indebted.
When you sent the Holy Spirit upon the first disciples,
tongues of fire appeared. *
Let that same fire forge us into more holy and generous disciples. *
Let the flames enlighten us to share what we can for the good of
St. Gerald Parish and the whole Archdiocese.
May the gifts of the Holy Spirit, freely given to us, be ignited in our souls
and in our actions *
so that we can be more like you, Lord Jesus, *
for you show us the way by loving example and enable us with your grace.
Dear Jesus, please bless our efforts to provide a holy future filled with
hope for generations yet to come.
We offer this prayer in your name, Jesus, for you live and reign with the
Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.
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Communion to Shut-Ins
If you know of anyone who is unable to come to Mass on Sunday and they would like the Eucharist brought to them, please call 402-331-1955.

Mission Statement
We are a Catholic faith community devoted to becoming a dynamic center of worship. We challenge ourselves to lead lives patterned after Jesus. With gratitude we share our faith, talents, gifts and resources so that more people experience God's love.

Parish Goals
1. To help people feel "at home" in our parish.
2. To improve communications within the parish.
3. To increase our evangelization efforts.
4. To improve the financial state of the parish and the viability of its property.
Click here for more detail regarding parish goals.
Today's Mass Readings
Visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website and read today's mass readings, or listen to the readings by clicking on the play button (small triangle) below.

Help Our Parish Educate
By purchasing gift certificates to various local vendors at no additional cost to you, you support our educational programs including 5 Day School, Family Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Adult Education, and the Parish Library. Click here to reserve your HOPE certificates online now.
Online Giving
Make your one-time or recurring donation using your debit card, credit card, checking, or savings account. Click here or scan the QR code with your phone:
Women's Social Group
Click Here for more information about the St. Gerald Women's Social Group and join us for one of our upcoming events!
Bible Verse of the Day
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The parish office maintains information on our registered parishioners. Please take a moment to submit your information so we can update our records. If you are not yet registered at St. Gerald, you may wish to register now.

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