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Welcome to Saint Gerald Catholic Church

Curriculum Nights

August 26 and August 28

Please see the attached document to view the Power Point presentation used for the curriculum night meetings.
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From the Pastor's Desk
Archdiocesan Women's Day of Recollection: Saturday, Oct. 25 at St. Robert's, 8:30 am - 1:30 pm. $20, includes continental breakfast and light lunch. Heather King is the presenter. The titles of her talks are: "Addiction, Conversion, and St. Thérèse of Lisieux," and "Thérèse of Lisieux: Mystic, Comic, Revolutionary" Heather King is a Contributor to MAGNIFICAT, a frequent presenter in dioceses and retreat centers around the country, author of several books, including: Parched; Redeemed; Stripped and Shirt of Flame: A Year with St. Therese of Lisieux. She is an ex-lawyer, sober alcoholic, cancer survivor, contemplative and Catholic convert who lives in the thick of Los Angeles. She blogs at shirtofflame.blogspot.com Please mail your desire to attend to Office of Evangelization and Catechesis, Mercy Hall, 3300 N. 60th St. Omaha, NE 68104... include your name, address, phone number and email address along with $20. Or contact Beth Carlson, Secretary, Office of Evangelization and Catechesis bccarlson@archomaha.org or 402-557-5610

Family Formation and Youth Group: We kick off these events for the year with a cookout gathering for our youth (grade 9-12) on Sunday, August 31 at 6:30 pm. Parents please encourage, drop off, bug until they go, your children to come to the first event. They just might like it. Family Formation begins with mass, supper and an initial session with some fun activities... Wednesday, Sept. 3, at 5:30 pm. Mass is at Lakeview chapel and supper is in the gym.

Labor Day: There will be one mass, at 9:00 am at 96th and Q on September 1. That day I will have mass at Tabor Cemetery just north of Howells followed by a neighborhood pot-luck. In doing so I will be remembering my ancestors... especially this year, my mom and my sister. My mom's parents are buried at Tabor along with their parents and grandparents. And we will ring the bell, donated to the church by my great-grand parent's in memory of my great-great-grandparents. St. Mary's Church is no longer there; it closed about 8 years ago. The mass is followed by a pot-luck at the Howells community center. We get 40-60 people. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Grade School Masses: On most Tuesdays and Thursdays the 8:15 am mass at Lakeview are masses where the children attend, participate and lead. Tuesdays are for grades 1-5 and Thursdays are for grades 6-8. On Fridays there is a mass at 9:00 am where the whole school attends. All are welcome at any of these masses. First Fridays are always special when we end the 9:00 am mass with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and continue that all day until a closing service at 2:30 pm. Again, all are welcome to pray in the chapel during the day. However, you will need to enter through the grade school office, sign in and depart the same way.

Kitchen Remodeling: We are almost finished. All we are waiting for is the delivery and installation of the new center island that will include more electrical outlets. The kitchen now has its own control over the air conditioning. All that is left is some clean up, hole filling and maybe a little painting... something that will probably wait until Christmas vacation. This project was totally paid for by the Angel Auction.

A Note About Our Campaign: The donation phase of our campaign seems to be going well. Plans are being finalized to complete the "screen wall" before winter. This is an L shaped wall built on the roof of the school to shield the loud condenser units from disturbing our neighbors to the west. It will be removed and another one created. There seems to be no easy fix. Then, in November, we will invite bids to take care of the SW flat roof of our school. Hopefully, giving contractors the ability to plan a summer job and to have the entire summer to complete it, we will get some good bids. A follow-up committee has been formed to keep us on task in looking for new donors as we progress through the five years of the campaign.

I hope it is a trend and not a blip: The weekend of August 16-17 saw a healthy uptick in mass attendance. Saturday mass was full (including the chapel) and the 9 and 10:30 masses had larger numbers. The weekend of August 23-24 has similar crowds. I pray for my parish every day, for my parishioners and families, that a renewal of heart will come upon us all. The Lord called me to this task when he called me to the priesthood. I sincerely worry about the people God has placed in my care... like St. Paul called it, "anxiety for the churches." I can only ask the Holy Spirit to rush into the hearts of His people to fire up the faith. I can only do my best, according to the weaknesses of my own personality, to encourage and invite. I have recently been introduced to a Parish Renewal idea that just might be to our liking... pray for discernment. God Bless our Hope Program: We have transferred $26,000 from our Hope Program into the general fund to help with the costs of running our school. In particular the Hope program will take care of the maintenance of our Computers, Mimeos, Smartboards, PPT Projectors and Network Technology in our School. Some of the units installed four years ago are starting to cry out for help. We have contracted with an outside company to keep the whole system up and running. The Hope receipts will help us get through the school year. In addition, we did a lot of rekeying in our school to improve security. If we add some cameras to the system, HOPE money will help with that. Help Our Parish Educate is able to do a great deal for the school. As you know the last big goal for our program was the new Playground. We shall direct the receipts from Hope that will be collected over the next 12 months towards the textbook costs for the 2014-2015 school year. This is the largest supply item in our budget. I know everyone wants to have a shiny NEW thing to work towards... it gets people energized. We have to spend our energy this year simply paying our operating bills and trimming costs. How does Hope work? The HOPE program purchases gift cards at a discount-ranging from 2%-20% off the face value. In turn you, the parishioner, purchases the card at face value, and spends that amount at the corresponding store. Not only does the HOPE program benefit, but you, the purchaser, can also accumulate a tuition rebate. Less than 7% of the parish uses this money-making program. The program could raise well over $100,000 a year for the school if just grocery/ gas gift cards were regularly used by half the parish. Thank you to those that faithfully stop by the HOPE office every week and invest in the betterment of our school and parish.
St Gerald Parish Festival and Hog Heaven
Sunday, September 14, 11:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. We need your help to make our parish festival fun and successful! Consider a donation to help defray cost of petting zoo, new games and inflatables.

Send money to the parish office marked "festival donation".
Raffle Tickets have been mailed. Please return ASAP.

KIDS WALK is in need of gently used stuffed animals, small games or toys.

PENNY TOSS is in need of Glassware for prizes, clear glass is preferred. Pint glasses, Glass bowls, small vases, etc

2 liter bottles of pop needed for another popular game, the POP TOSS.

Check your recipe book for a delicious baked good recipe for the CAKE WALK.

GROCERY BOOTH is collecting groceries from now until Sept. 7. Please place items in the coat room after mass. Bring as follows:
A-F Napkins, Other Canned Items, Dessert Mixes
G-L Tissues, Pasta, Canned Veggies
M-R Paper Towels, Canned Fruit, Cereal
S-Z Toilet Paper, Soup, Crackers, Popcorn
There will be a box at the back of church marked Festival Donations.
Questions: Contact Deacon Chris.

Hog Heaven Saturday, September 13
78th & Lakeview
Mass at 5:00 p.m.
Followed by a BBQ in the gym at 6:00 p.m.
New Parish Directory Photos
Take advantage of multiple discounts when you sign up for your church directory photo. Lifetouch is offering a 20% senior citizen discount, a $10 coupon discount and another $5 discount when you bring a canned, boxed or packaged food item for our local food pantry. See the volunteers in the back of the church this weekend or click here for more information. If you'd like more help, call Judy Haug, 402 -593-9378 Lifetouch policy is No Pressure Sales.

Hosts/hostesses are needed during our photograph sessions . If you can help for a session, call Tammy Fonfara, 402-339-1389.

A military page will be included in our church directory. If you have a family member currently serving in the military and would like to have him/her pictured, please contact Sharon Bissen, 402-991-1836.
Corpus Christi Procession

Click Here to see more pictures of the event.

Forging a Future of Faith Campaign

Prayer for the success of our campaign
Dear Jesus,
We humbly stand before you *
grateful for our call to be your disciples. *
We form St. Gerald Parish with its vital connection to the
Archdiocese of Omaha *
and together we form a community of faith *
helping each other respond to your call to be holy and generous disciples.
Thank you for St. Gerald Parish and the whole Archdiocese *
for they are gifts to us from the many faithful who sacrificed to build and
nourish what we have today *
and to whom we are forever indebted.
When you sent the Holy Spirit upon the first disciples,
tongues of fire appeared. *
Let that same fire forge us into more holy and generous disciples. *
Let the flames enlighten us to share what we can for the good of
St. Gerald Parish and the whole Archdiocese.
May the gifts of the Holy Spirit, freely given to us, be ignited in our souls
and in our actions *
so that we can be more like you, Lord Jesus, *
for you show us the way by loving example and enable us with your grace.
Dear Jesus, please bless our efforts to provide a holy future filled with
hope for generations yet to come.
We offer this prayer in your name, Jesus, for you live and reign with the
Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.
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Communion to Shut-Ins
If you know of anyone who is unable to come to Mass on Sunday and they would like the Eucharist brought to them, please call 402-331-1955.

Mission Statement
We are a Catholic faith community devoted to becoming a dynamic center of worship. We challenge ourselves to lead lives patterned after Jesus. With gratitude we share our faith, talents, gifts and resources so that more people experience God's love.

Parish Goals
1. To help people feel "at home" in our parish.
2. To improve communications within the parish.
3. To increase our evangelization efforts.
4. To improve the financial state of the parish and the viability of its property.
Click here for more detail regarding parish goals.
Today's Mass Readings
Visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website and read today's mass readings, or listen to the readings by clicking on the play button (small triangle) below.

Help Our Parish Educate
By purchasing gift certificates to various local vendors at no additional cost to you, you support our educational programs including 5 Day School, Family Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Adult Education, and the Parish Library. Click here to reserve your HOPE certificates online now.
Online Giving
Make your one-time or recurring donation using your debit card, credit card, checking, or savings account. Click here...
Women's Social Group
Click Here for more information about the St. Gerald Women's Social Group and join us for one of our upcoming events!
Bible Verse of the Day
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The parish office maintains information on our registered parishioners. Please take a moment to submit your information so we can update our records. If you are not yet registered at St. Gerald, you may wish to register now.

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